Ghongadi, Quilt in English is a kind of Bedding used in Maharashtra and around since 15th century. Made from the high quality wool extracted from mountain grazing sheep, Ghongadi has hundreds of medicinal properties proven.

Authentic and Original handmade Ghongadi can not be found anywhere in the shop and hence many of Ghongadi-lovers fail to get them. Kolhapurimandai™ Handmade Ghongadi is a premium quality handmade product prepared by local Dhangar community. Some takes time to make and some are ready to be delivered anywhere.

  • Regional Name – White Javli
  • Make – Handmade
  • Color – Black
  • Revan – Yes
  • Storage – Routine
  • Wash care – Eco-Wash
  • Thread – Small
  • Dimension – 48 x 84 cm.

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One Size

One Size


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